500 A Topolino

Estimate: € 15,000.00 - € 20,000.00
Chassis no. 093108
With its original Italian number plate from 1945
Part of Italain mobility history
Unique livery created by Laurina Paperina
The example in the auction is the only Mickey Mouse with a personalized livery by artist Laurina Paperina. An international artist, her works reference contemporary pop culture and the eras of the 1980s and 1990s. Laurina Paperina has exhibited her work internationally, including solo and group exhibitions in galleries, foundations, museums and public spaces spanning America and Europe. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Italy, the US, Germany, France, the UK, China, Belgium, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Israel, Ireland and Mexico. The car retains its original first registration plate with the symbol of the National Association of War Mutilated and Invalids, which has now almost disappeared. The Topolino is a piece of Italian motoring history; the model up for auction is also equipped with a sunroof that provides greater driving pleasure. Its small size and very simple mechanics make it an excellent, small vintage car. It needs a small overhaul to the gasoline tap.

A brief history of Italian license plates

The first Italian license plates were established in 1897 with the owner's name and municipal license number. In 1901 they were to indicate the city and the license plate number. With this type, five examples still exist today. In 1927 the two-letter abbreviation represented the city with progressive numbers; the stamp of the fascio littorio appeared on the rear plates. In 1932 the plates were entrusted to CONI whose symbol was a rhombus to the left of the provincial initials. From March 1945 to Dec. 31, 1947, with the fall of fascism, the fasces lictori coat of arms was replaced by the symbol of the National Association of War Invalids and Mutilated, a crown of thorns with three bayonets inside. Since 1947 the plaques have borne the stamp of the Italian Republic.