Attilio Meoli

Founder and Director

Attilio is the founding member of Art-Rite Auction House, of which he is the Sole Director.
Grown up professionally at Finarte Auction House in the 80s and 90s, he took on the role of CFO of the company, then listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. More recently, he promoted Finarte's rebirth in 2015, an operation that involved him both as an investor and as a manager with the position of Chief Executive Officer.
Entrepreneurial activity goes along with operating in the not for profit field.

Modern and Contemporary Art Department
Federico Bianchi

Head of Department

Over the years Federico worked as a gallery owner and Art Advisor for private clients and professional art market operators, assisting insurance companies, banking institutions and important private collectors. In the past two years, he worked with Finarte as a consultant, managing his own client portfolio.
Federico also curated and produced contemporary art solo and group exhibitions and shows. He participated as an exhibitor at national and international fairs such as Art Cologne, London Art, Artefiera Bologna, Miart Milano, Artissima Torino. He is currently in charge of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art and is a partner of Art-Rite.

Valentina Boldrin


With an education in art history focused on the economic aspect of the art market and previous experiences in other Italian auction houses, at Art-Rite Valentina holds the role of assistant in the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Fabio Lombrici


Fabio joined Art-Rite Auction House’s team as Modern and Contemporary Art Department and Comic Art Department assistant. Thanks to a master’s degree in economics and museum management and a strong interest in the art market, he previously collaborated in organizing contemporary art exhibitions.

Gabriele Medaglini


Gabriele received his M.Sc in Arts Management being from the beginning passionate about the field of Contemporary art, its economic dimension and, more in general, in the art market dynamics. According to this, he gained experiences in contexts such as contemporary art galleries, start-ups and the Art Advisory sector. He joined the Art-Rite team in the role of Modern and Contemporary Art Department assistant.

Old Masters Department
Marcello Mossini

Head of Department

After graduation, since 2011 Marcello Mossini has been working for his own family gallery, founded in 1978 and specialized in dealing old masters paintings and antiques. During the last ten years, he has increased his knowledge and experience attending Italian fairs and cooperating with other galleries in international exhibitions such as Paris Tableau and Tefaf Maastricht. Having worked as an external consultant in the auction houses world, he's familiar with the procedures connected with both auction and private sales.  

Jewelry Department
Antonio Di Loreto

Head of Department

At Art-Rite, Antonio holds the role of Head of the Jewelry Department. His solid experience gained over the years in the valuables industry has been acknowledged by the prize “Milano Produttiva”, assigned by the Camera di Commercio for his professional commitment to assist collectors of jewels and valuables, as well as banks and public institutions, such as Arma dei Carabinieri and Polizia di Stato. He’s also engaged in consulting activities for not for profit entities like Fondazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro and La Lega del Filo D’Oro.
Antonio also works as Technical Consultant at Tribunale Civile di Milano - n° 11625 and is registered as Expert to The Chamber of Commerce in Milan with n° 30-2237 - resolution n. 656.

Comic Art Department
Federico Manusardi

Head of Department

Federico, who grew up under the careful guidance of his grandfather Gian Marco, founder - in 1959 - of the Finarte auction house, embarked on his career that led him to be a collector and a deep connoisseur of the world of comics and the emerging market of original drawings of comics artists. Art-Rite Auction House has chosen to rely on Federico's experience for the role of head of the Comics Department.

Coins and Medals Department
Alberto Ambrosetti

Head of Department

Being always passionate about the art world, from an early age he has been involved with some of the main Italian auction houses structuring his cultural background through a concrete market approach.
The passion for numismatics, shared at a family level and carried on for generations, is also experienced as a fundamental tool for deepening history from a cultural, artistic and economic point of view.
Thanks to a critical approach to the market, he has developed his path that has led him to become a profound connoisseur of modern Italian coinage with particular attention to the period between the 1800s and 1945s.

Imaging and Graphic Design
Giada Pisati

Photographer and graphic designer 

She attended the Academy of Photography Mohole, in Milan, learning and deepening different sectors, such as fashion, still life and interior design.
Within Art-Rite Auction House she photographs, reproduces and digitalizes works of art and jewelry; while, as a graphic designer, she curates the design of the auction catalogues and all other aspects related to communicating with images.

Fabiana Tassi


Fabiana has a wide experience in accounting thanks to a degree in economics and business administration: at Art-Rite, Fabiana takes care of the administration field of the auction house.

Andrea Carotta

Delivery and collection service

At Art-Rite Andrea is responsible for artworks handling and takes care of delivery and collecting the lots.