Our auction house has chosen to be represented by the symbol of a prestigious and evocative brand: Art-Rite is a name with a precise connotation within the elaborate field of western art.

Art-Rite Magazine was born in 1973, in Greenwich Village, New York, through the endeavours of Walter Robinson, Edit DeAk and Joshua Coen.
The three editors collaborated with the artists of the New York scene, inviting them to reflect in written or graphic form on the creation of their works.


Artists such as Allan Kaprow, Richard Serra, Eleanor Antin, Nancy Kitchel, Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Philip Glass, Christo, Sol LeWitt, Lee Krasner, and Laurie Anderson took part in the creative process of the magazine, giving birth to one of the most emblematic moments in post war art history.

The editors’ purpose was to guarantee the readers the highest level possible of critical and curatorial attention of the artistic proposal.

Today, Art-Rite Auction House builds on this editorial legacy, renewing and sharing the values once belonged to the magazine by presenting a selection of modern and contemporary artists with a significant artistic and historical value.