Art-Rite Auction House is pleased to announce the opening of its new Philately department, marking a further step forward in the process of expanding its activities with a view to reaching a new type of clientele and, more generally, of market.
As with Numismatics, Philately is part of that set of disciplines capable of configuring itself as a tool for the analysis and in-depth social, cultural and economic study of history. The importance of entering such a sphere is therefore not only to be identified in an 'expansive' perspective but also in the actual ability to ensure that the potential and unexpressed needs of today's customers are met. All this is done by providing the professionalism and skills necessary to support anyone wishing to approach or consolidate their presence within a specific sector.

To make an assessment appointment, which is not binding, please contact us by phone at (+39) 02 87215920 or by e-mail at:

Past auctions

Auction n. 85 - Philately

26 June 2024

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