About us

Art-Rite Auction House offers art market professionals a selection of works by modern and contemporary artists.

Art-Rite Auction House covers a period of time starting with the early twentieth century through Italian and European post war art up to the contemporary, presenting curated catalogues to satisfy both newly approaching collectors as well as established ones.

We aim to offer different types of auction. Auctions including the most iconic works of art by modern and contemporary artists and auctions, named U-3, presenting, after careful evaluations, multiple and diverse works of art, ranging from works on paper, prints to ceramics. This approach allows the public to access different artistic contexts, promoting artistic movements and trends. Through its auctions, Art-Rite Auction House hopes to offer a curated variety of works of art, able to add value to the most prestigious and historical collections.
The purpose is to inspire and challenge with fresh ideas, satisfying the needs of a group of collectors as wide as possible.


Art-Rite Auction House communicates with its audience by sharing and narrating the history of art through the works of modern and contemporary Italian and international artists presented in the catalogues.

The foundation of Art-Rite’s work is intended to help collectors approach diverse segments and genres, as well as introducing new collectors to the art market, thanks to sales at various levels of accessibility and investment.

Art-Rite Auction House aims to fully employ its online platform for the presentation and sale of artworks, without neglecting traditional auctions and private brokerage.

Given the established links between the banking system and the art market, Art-Rite promotes collaboration with financial institutions and operators as well as the investment in art as an asset class.

Regarding art advisory, the specialists of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art are available to assist institutional and private clients with any request related to their collections and the evaluation of individual or multiple works, also for insurance purposes.